Amethyst Stone Jewelery Is For Everyone


Amethyst is a beautiful natural stone, typically in a vibrant purple, that makes for great jewelery loved and adored by almost everyone. Though it has been used in earrings for a very long time, it remains popular and even continues to grow in popularity as you will likely find some version of the stone in any store that sells earrings and rings.Jewelry is a means of saying ‘I love you’ to a woman close to you. The perfect earrings can represent adoration of a lover, friend or family member. Not every stone translates into a gift for any of these options, but this is one of them.Amethyst comes in a variety of different cuts and settings as well as gold, silver or white gold options. Though purple is the most common and well-known color, it is also available in light green tones as well as pink. Some are brighter than others, though the pale pink stones are particularly gaining popularity on the market.Whether it is your mother, your sister, or your partner, you can find a combination that shows you know the kind of jewelery they love. Perhaps one of the best parts is that, as beautiful as the stone is, it can be well within an affordable price range. Depending on what kind of setting you go with, you can find amethyst jewelery within most budgets. You can find it from around one hundred dollars, up to and beyond thousands of dollars. Like any stone, quality, size, material and uniqueness will all affect the price. At the end of the day, it is up to you to really figure out what price range you can afford and the kind of quality your loved one will expect or appreciate.The meaning of amethyst, for gem stone enthusiasts, is considered by some to be peace, love and tolerance. The pink varieties resemble the color of rose quartz, which is certainly more geared towards love. Whichever color you are more drawn to, you will not likely go wrong using this stone as a gift.Purple, green or pink amethyst earrings, rings, or necklaces come in so many available formats that you could spend days searching for this stone alone. The best advice you could take is to first understand the type of jewelery your loved one likes, whether they like small or large stones, gold or silver, and then to go with your gut once you find something within those boundaries that stands out to you.

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