Article Marketing Strategies-Tips to Make Your Articles Attract More Leads Than PPC ads

Article Marketing has been one of the most powerful success secrets of numerous internet gurus and experts.And no surprise at all. Set it against PPC, the most favoured internet marketing strategy of today and guess the result. Article Marketing emerges as the clear winner, that is if you know how to exploit it to the optimum for your internet marketing business.

No wonder today, we have tons & tons of article marketing sites, also called as article directories offering free article marketing services to marketers across the internet. This is common knowledge for most internet marketers, the only gap being the practical application of these strategies to one’s internet business. Needless to say, leading to dismal results.

In reality, article marketing domination is far more powerful, effective and result oriented in its results, when compared to the pay per clicks.

But such article marketing success is only possible when you consciously apply these most hyped about but least practised article marketing strategies in creating articles.

The Article Title :

The first few words of the header of your article decide the success of your article marketing campaign. Almost like the ppc ad header. The only dissimilarity is that you have more canvas to express your thoughts & attract the reader’s attention to it.

Make sure that the title of the article is compelling enough and has a generous mix of the key keywords right amongst the first 3-4 words in the article title. Only if the title of the article is one which offers a unique solution that the target audience relates to and needs, will the reader click on it to read the content of your article. Thus almost more than 90 % of your article marketing success depends on the title of the article.

The Body of the Article:

Ensure that the article title is followed by contextual and relevant content which elaborates it further, so as to keep the reader’s interest in the article alive. Make it slick & to the point. Offer really good information, but just enough to capture the reader’s interest.

Giving away too much knowledge right at this stage will defer the reader from moving ahead to your website, the ultimate goal of your article.

The Resource Box :

The Resource box is equally significant as the title of your article, since it is here where the casual reader of your article, assumes the form of a targeted lead, since your content has created the need in his mind, for the product/ service or opportunity that you are wrting about in your article.

Hence keep the sales pitch absolutely out and away from this crucial point in the conversion stage. In effect, it should be a natural continuation to the content of the article, so that the prospect is compelled to click thru & be guided to the website Health Fitness Articles, which is the sole intent of the article.

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