Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Impressions!

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge: 2016 Android M flagships from Samsung!

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Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



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39 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Impressions!

  1. one of the worst phone's Iv ever had the misfortune of owning It's so fragile it's like owning a tea pot. Avoid this phone at all costs or you'll be paying 600 in glass repair fee's.

  2. اقسم بالله حقيقة والله انا كسبت Galaxy S7 edge ذهبي من شركة Samsung بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك بيقدمو جوائز وهدايا للكل شارك الأن من الموقع الرسمي لشركة Samsung قبل نفاذ الكمية <3 ^_^ =>

  3. Hay man just wanted you to know that I always watch your videos before I buy any smart phone and I've seen most of your videos multiple times and most of all your videos just for fun keep up the good work.

  4. I love the s7 edge I was a LG man but had the chance to get the s7 edge just to try something different everything about it I find to be amazing the battery life is sick they say the iPhone 6s battery life is better bout I doubt it with a little help from a app call package disabler pro which is free knowing what to disable my battery last a day and a half and over night I can let it sit and still have enough battery power till like noon or more faster charging is also amazing the fact that I can get a full charge in a hour and battery lasts almost two days I'm blow away PACKAGE DISABLER PRO know what to disable and u would never have to worry about battery life I took my phone off the charger at about 8 this morning and it's now 9 o'clock at night with still 30 percent on it and that still lasted till I decide to charge it Samsung GREAT JOB!!

  5. I have the s7 and have never been so disappointed! My husband and I were in the first roll out and his, in the second week, started overheating in his pocket getting up to 146° and best buy didn't want to do snot for us because we were 16 days after purchase and BEST BUY ISN'T AN AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR ANY PROVIDER!!!!!! (entirely other complaint) We ended up at our provider who took care of us. Now, several months old my phone slid off the bathroom counter onto the floor (sliding, not a hard drop) and the screen is lifted up in the lower left corner. the phone still functions but is believed to no longer be waterproof. I have insurance on my phone through my carrier, so I went to my carrier and they are saying if i file a claim with the insurance it would be over 200 and for them to fix it would be 150, or I could call Samsung since it has a year warranty and is supposed to be drop proof but I would have to be without my phone while they check it out…I CANT BE WITHOUT MY PHONE!!! This phone was supposed to be scratch resistant on the screen but I have a cm. long scratch from being in my purse. The entire gorilla tough glass and glue that was a selling point from Samsung at best buy is a joke cause it didn't stand up to a three foot slide off my counter. On top of it all neither Best Buy or my carriers insurance is worth a crap cause b.b wouldn't take care of the over heating and now the carrier won't take care of the screen lifting and voiding the water proof feature. SAVE YOUR MONEY CAUSE IT'S REALLY NOT BETTER THEN THE PHONES BEFORE IT!
    O and the great camera and video is pointless because in order to send them from your phone you have to dumb videos down to "completely sucks" mode and limit it to 3 seconds for it to go anywhere! What's the point! Serriously save your money. This phone and anyone who sells it has done nothing but piss us off since we got it!!!!

  6. I'm really sad because I had to return this gorgeous phone. It disappointed me in a few areas.

    Music audio quality (headphones) couldn't match the iPhone's no matter what equalizer app I installed.

    My banking apps, Amex, Capital One, Bank of America, Quickbooks and PayPal do not use my finger print to login.

    Apps feel cheap compared to iPhone apps.

    I only used it for a day and notice quite a few apps crashing.

    And the main deal breaker was that Samsung Smart Switch could not transfer my text messages, which are very important, due to an unknown error despite trying 4 times.

    However, the device and screen itself are unmatched!! Hopefully the iPhone will give us a quad hd amoled in the near future.

  7. wow. for a guy who normally is on his game, you are out there if you think the g5 upstaged the galaxy s7/s7e!!!!! these are the hottest and best phones on the planet, and no other phones are getting nearly as much press, from then up until now. and not trying to be too critical, but i really HATE it when people use a CRapple term to define an android product. hate it! furthermore, it is NOT a heavily skinned version of android, tw is much, much lighter, faster and smoother than ever before. i still use nova, but it's worth mentioning. and many of the devices with type c usb had had multiple problems. finally it seems like you really have something against samsung phones. because to call this a just ok phone is really an insult to this device. and for the record, the modular design of the g5 is just idiotic. who the hell wants to carry a bunch of crap around with them? the only thing that is worth a damn in all of that is the replaceable battery. the rest is a gimmicky fad.

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