Samsung Galaxy S8 review

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are Samsung’s redemption moment, the first major phones from the company since its disastrous Note 7 last fall. We filmed this review on location at One Button (

With that much pressure on their shoulders, the pair of S8s have to be good, and good they are. In fact, these phones are great, and easily the best phones released so far this year. Subscribe:

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 review

  1. Pretty, but still hoping for a new Note. Wondering if touching/holding the sides of the screen causes problems with apps. Some people had a little problem with that with the Edge. I never really noticed it

  2. thanks, you guys are amazing big fan! the issue with finger print unlock could have been easily solved if Samsung do it like the sony xperia z5 finger unlock (its on the side of the phone, so its actually embedded in the unlock button itself) and you only have to place ur finger on it (not even having to press button down) its accuracy and speed is alarmingly good! unbelievable. i wud like to see Samsung do this in future on phones like Note 8. seems like good solution. please check out and pass on to samsung, and let me know your thoughts? thanks again guys

  3. Great review as usual! I am friggin' mesmerized by the shots where the wallpaper of the phone extends beyond the screen. I keep wondering if you just rested the phone on a bigger display showing the same image or if you actually printed it out. 🤔

  4. Getting rid of my shitty iPhone 6 for the s8. I can't wait! The video quality on that phone looks amazing and they've made some serious upgrades. I was gonna get an iPhone 8 but then again I'm starting to think Apple doesn't really innovate and make an beneficial changes to their products it's kind of all the same. I'm sticking with android for sure!

  5. "It doesnt look like… …anything else you can buy." And here I am with my s7 edge. I don't see anything new.
    I used to have a hard time using my edge screen with my hands when I'm accidentally pressing certain keys on the side.
    Also the s7 edge's back fingerprint scanner isn't hard to reach at all.

  6. just bought the samsung s8 2 days ago I've always bought samsung phones I find they over heat quick and the battery dosnt last that long but the s8 is a nice phone it's nice and thin

  7. Good job The Verge! I can say this is one of the best Galaxy S8 review I've ever watched. All of the graphics and editings is superb and clean. Keep making more! Can't wait for the upcoming videos.

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