Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Speed Test. 2 year old Galaxy S6 edge takes on the Galaxy S8. How much difference? Let’s find out.

Galaxy S8 Plus vs Note 5 –

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33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. the s6e isn't that far off though, it's like a second slower on games and even less on less demanding apps, so hardware hasn't really improved all that much in 2 years.

  2. The s6 edge / edge plus are still the most gorgeous phones to date only the now extinct note 7 has matched its beauty, I dont know why Samsung copied the iPhone and decided to make the front black no matter which color you buy.

  3. I've been a Samsung Galaxy user since the S3 came out. However, I've only purchased the S3, S5 and now….the S8. I recently just upgraded to the S8. I absolutely love it. It was quite the upgrade obviously. The battery life is beautiful. I can go all day and night without having to charge it. The screen is….well, amazing. The camera is great. Pretty much the same as the S7 and I don't think anyone was having to complain about that. Love how fast the phone is and how fluid it is. Overall, it seems like one hell of a phone. Be careful though…don't drop it. lol

  4. @3:23 I wish the S8 would have the camera display look the same as the S6 edge on the right, where the whole screen is the camera instead of that huge black part on the bottom. I mean, what's the point of marketing the S8 as if it's transparent when the camera doesn't even look like that. I wonder why they didn't do that.

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