Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing!

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Hey, search, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 in home…the gold just one…it really is rather. Mainly because we just obtained just one in home, it really is time to do a speedy unboxing prior to we go comprehensive review. Get completely ready! The 2016 smartphone season has begun.

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing!

  1. i got an iphone 6s plus and I had it for a week. i didnt like iphone at all its so complicated to download music and i kept getting notification to do an update so i decided to do the update and it took almost 2 hrs and i started to get annoyed you cant do much with an iphone. so i decided to go back to Tmobile to exchange my iphone to the samsung galaxy s7 i wanted to get the gold color but they didnt have it so i had to get the black one.. let me tell you it was the best decision i made samsung is so much better and you can do lots.of things and download music super easily. i love samsung and I will never go back to apple.

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