Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown!

What is acquired an edge to edge 6.3” tremendous AMOLED display screen and hopefully will not explode? It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and we’re going to tear it down.

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown!

  1. Why are your videos so biased towards Apple? I just watched the iPhone 8 and Note 8 tear downs and for the EXACT same reasons you scored the Android phone 4/10 vs the Apples 6/10 score? The Samsung phone had only 1 type of screw and virtually every component was modular vs the Apples more difficult and costly repairs. Why?

  2. BOOM goes the Samsung Galaxy Note 7! 📱💣🔥 Glad that isn't the case this time. 😅 Anyways! Aside from all the glue, this smartphone would otherwise be relatively easy to repair.

  3. Dude… I swear Samsung is coming out with 92.6% screen to body ratio. Embedded fingerprint sensor and a chip that rivals mid range gaming laptops. I'll tell you why I feel this way… with a partnership a brewing, Apple and Samsung may have alternate plans with each other all in the name of profit. It'll be nice to see them give each other a bit here, a bit there. I'm all for it.

  4. So if I try to repair my Note 8 how do I know if it is still water resistant without testing it? Is there any way to make it water resistant again, or is it still water resistant after I put it together again? I'm new to completely sealed phones…

  5. With all the modular components they should have kept the battery modular as well, goddammit! Fuck water resistance. Give me back longevity and the ability to replace the degrading battery 1-2 years from now

  6. There are no screws on the exterior to hold it together how else did they expect it to be held together? Phones are way too complicated and the screens and components too small for do it yourselfers anymore. Leave it to professionals with the right tools and that know the proper procedure. Anyone with common sense buys Total Equipment protection or similar insurance for such an expensive phone. The thing is a grand, brand new, for crying out loud. Your gonna go that expensive for the phone but cheap out on a repair if it is needed? Makes no sense.

    All phones are going curved screen including the new iphone series and these screens are very hard to be replaced and be done properly. Save yourself major headaches, quit being cheap and just take it in to a licensed repair shop.

    That is also why I always buy from a carrier, buy their equipment insurance, and take it to their shops. It just makes things just so much easier if a problem arises. I had a dead cell in my screen picture on my last phone and the phone was only a month or so old, but I did have full insurance, so I took it in and they looked at it and decided they would send it in themselves and they just gave me a brand new phone in it's place, right away with no waiting. Yes, brand new. I only payed a $100 deductable for a $700 phone. That could't have been posssible or so easy if I had cheaped out and not bought protection. It was my first time I had ever needed it and had never purchased it before, but was so glad I had it then. Now I always make sure I have the coverage. These phones are just not cheap and easy replacements anymore. They are investments.

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