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35 thoughts on “Samsung Youm Versatile Displays – Commercial Ad

  1. Apparently Samsung thinks women are so easy that she would jump from guy to guy based on their phones…That's an awful view of women.
    Samsung's new brand slogan is "Samsung phones: Women are easy ho's when you have our super phones!"

  2. La chica solo se interesa en el chico para quedar con él cuando ve lo "Amazing" que es su teléfono móvil, Había tantas maneras de hacer un anuncio bueno y no esta basura esteoripada…

  3. Apple just patented a foldable phone idea that looks just like this. Bet Apple sheep will claim SS stole it even though SS had an actual prototype 3 years before Apples patent.

  4. Anyone else feel like as cute or HOTT as that girl is that is that if you actually date it be that thing where you invite her over then all she wants to do is stay in the living room and play with your devices while all you wanna do is get her into the bed room. Then when you get into bed its a weird lets have sex on your device kinda thing?

  5. I work 4 Samsung 10 years, i honestly thought they copy their ideas from many other companies LOL, nobody in the HQ was using Iphone until they launch the first Galaxy S1 and i think personally this commercial its so male chauvinist, this is the way Samsung see their woman employes

  6. What a shocker, the guy who tries to impress with his 10 commandments Slab-Pad looks like a complete dork. Nice gear, but that ad has all the imagination of a Michael Bay movie, sans the explosions and upskirt shots. Put a mole on the dork's face next time, and give him a Flock-of Seagulls hairdo.

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