Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge To start with Seem!

Most effective promotions on Galaxy S6 edge here! Read through our very first impressions of the new Galaxy S6 Edge here:

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49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge To start with Seem!

  1. Waited too long for the price to drop immensely recently got one in golden color. honestly i can't stop looking at the design it looks awesome , great feel, lightning speed, crisp camera pics & soft touch best phone in the market !

  2. hi i baught a samsung 6 on done deal to discover it was a copy of the samsung 6 galaxy paid 320 so i went to phone shop they said there 50 euro in china and ofered me 50 if i sold so i still have it does anyone know more about copy phone

  3. 😊does anyone know how to empty the trash on Microsoft email on a galaxy s6 it is mail from a server
    I know have almost 15000 in the trash. The only way I can find is one at a time,in my old phone I could empty the entire trash bin.

  4. I think the phone looks really sexy, it's a good phone to use, a good phone to function with, but the thing I hate about phone unboxings, or phone reviews, or phone first looks, is that sometimes (such as this one) is fake, now the reason why i say it's fake is because check this it doesnt have the text on the back, because the original GS6 shows the text on the back, but this one does not show the text on the back, and I don't know if it needs the text back or what, but i'm just saying fix that up

  5. Samsung galaxy's nemesis has always been their crap battery. Whether it's removable or not, is not the worry. Its the draining, charging 2 – 3 times a day rubbish shitty battery they've been fobbing us off with for years. Even Huawei have blitzed them!!! I've bought one over Galaxy so I know!! I wouldn't buy another Galaxy as long as I've got a hole in my arse!!

  6. It's a nice looking phone and probably a performance beast but what good is it when samsung fills it with bloatware and slows it down. I have an old S3 and I have to use google launcher to have a decent performance. Fuck you Samsung.

  7. AMOLED BURN-IN… Started to Ghost and burn-in images week one. Even in 2015 on a flagship phone, burn-in is the status quo for AMOLEDs. Who does it not happen to? Little sissy boys who have their screens on for kess tgat 39 minutes a day. Power users (men) dont pay $700-$800 on a flagship phone to use it 30 mins a day.

  8. I'm a windows user.. Putting all your users in a circle and dictating what they want, you call that simplicity. If i want simplicity i will go buy a first generation nokia. I hate when Iphone users love being biased. Android copies iphone because it moved it's speaks to the bottom, wrapped glass body like iphone 4, no removable battery and sd slot, finger print scanner on the home key. When apple copies, they say it's a great invention and idiots lavish praises and hype.. Apple copies watch gadget, phone size, iphone 5 power button used to be at the top, heart rate monitor, screen rotation, better multi tasking, iphone notification panel used to be crap… so on so on.. You iphone puppets are so disgusting..

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