Samsung Unpacked Event 2017 | Galaxy S8/S8+ Reveal

Check out the complete Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 additionally reveal keynote appropriate below appropriate now! Formal
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31 thoughts on “Samsung Unpacked Event 2017 | Galaxy S8/S8+ Reveal

  1. For the people who insult the Korean people (or people who dont use english in general) just because they can't seem to speak "proper" english. Fuck you. Second. Just because one phone goes kaboom doesnt mean all of them will. Even the iPhone 7 blows up and melts.

  2. is anyone else on here who watches all of the new phone releases and then realizes that they have no idea what they are talking about I mean I watch these things all the time and it seems like it's a different language

  3. hang on this a taller phone this is what Apple did back with the iPhone 5 instead of making it wider like the others did they make it taller samsung are now doing the same thinner and taller this time.

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