Samsung Galaxy S7 review

Our Samsung Galaxy S7 review is eventually right here, produced together with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung wanted a big gain from the Galaxy S6 in 2015, which it bought following reinventing the structure of its flagship smartphone, but you happen to be not going to get the very same degree of evolution once more just a yr later on.

This implies the Galaxy S7 falls firmly into the iterative camp, building on the reliable foundations laid by its predecessor without having fiddling with the successful method too a great deal. Here’s our full review.


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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 review

  1. I used a different charger on my s7 for awhile because I misplaced my original one. Now my battery life seems to be getting maybe almost 9 hours on heavy use during a charge. Anyone know what I did?

  2. hey guys I own a galaxy s6 and its a very nice phone but I got one problem which is he battery life. I am a heavy user of the phone multi tasking always on WhatsApp facebook snapchat etc and using the camera and so on the device at first when i bought it was decent when i upgraded from my galaxy s4 but a year on I am really annoyed with the battery life ….. So my question is should I updrage to the Galaxy s7 (not the edge version) or should I not cuz it isnt worth it battery life wise ??? #InDistress

  3. Thanks for the review but i am disappointed u missed the water proof point without a quick test

    I own the galaxy s6 its a superb phone only 2 huge things i hate about it is the battery obviously cuz i rape my phone with heavy usage and that it isnt water proof both improved at the s7 but the storage is a huge disappointment should have been atleast 64 gb cuz i would have liked to use the extra slot for another data sim card instead of a micro sdcard
    I was gonna upgrade to the s7 until i realized the storage was 64gb regardless of the micro sdcard

  4. I wish Samsung would stop with the all glass bodies. I personally don't think it's a good idea. I have the Samsung Galaxy s5, and I love it. I don't know why Samsung is trying to be an iPhone. If I wanted an iPhone, I would buy one.

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