Attempting the Samsung Galaxy S8

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Plus!
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32 thoughts on “Attempting the Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. The water resistance on my Galaxy S7 broke a few months after I got it when I got sand in the speaker and used a needle to get it out. What was I thinking! Also, I had to get a cracked back repaired a few months back, and the person repairing it didn't glue the back on right. (You can see the volume buttons themselves!)

  2. WHY do people prefer physical home buttons over software ones? It's called the future, embrace it. How many smartphones now days still have physical buttons, with the exception of the iPhones that wouldn't know innovation if it jumped up and sat on them? Not very many. There's no need for them. If they did put in a physical button, that would completely defeat the purpose of their slogan for this phone which is 'Unbox Your Phone' because then you would have a bezel to accommodate the physical button. Like I said, embrace the future

  3. I thought it was a little weird at first. Maybe because I'm just so used to my S6 from almost 2 years. Watching this video makes me think differently. Whenever my S6 dies out on me, I'll probably upgrade to the S8.

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