Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Iphone seven As well as Velocity Exam

Authentic Environment Velocity Exam of Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Iphone seven As well as! Just How Fast Is The S8? Supreme Velocity Exam & Benchmarks.

Galaxy S8 vs seven+ Digital camera Exam:
Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Exam:
Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Exam:
Samsung Galaxy S8 FREEZE Exam:


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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Iphone seven As well as Velocity Exam

  1. hey all ,.,is the s8 touch is good like the iphone ??? i mean like if your fingers are a bit dirty or wet or just overall .,,.is the touch on s8 samsung good like on iphone

  2. All these haters on the Samsung galaxy s8 just need to chill because it's still a good phone just Samsung has more app animations from the Samsung experience

  3. I honestly dont know why there is so much fight between samsung and apple, I know they are competing brands but, if you like apple go for it and if you like samsung go for it you dont need to tell everyone that you like apple or samsung better, because most likely, they wont care xD

  4. I have been an Apple user for 8 years and then in the last few years I have thought a lot about switching to Samsung because Apple is always bringing it back. What do you think? Is it worth a S8 + or still at Apple?

  5. Does the Samsung S8 lag over time?

    Can someone who has owned the device S8 since the beginning please give me a realistic answer.

    I don’t want some idiot with a brand spanking new Samsung device to say its fast.

    My own feedback with Android devices was a slow down after around 6 months. A heavy slow down after 12 months. An awful slow down after 24 months. It was practically useless after 24 months.

    So my question – how does these new Android flagships handle over time?


    I’m not asking about the speed of a week old phone.

    devices I want to know about:-
    S7 Edge which should be a year or so Old.
    Samsung S8 and S8 Plus.

    (Note 8 is too new)

  6. Were you running the apps in qhd or fhd? Yes a slower performance is expected when everything in qhd, given you can choose to run things in 1080p on the s8 you should test the 2 phones that way. For a more comparable experience.

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