Hi guys! Here’s my Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2019 broken down, step by step 👌🏻

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Can you be sure that you will be successful online? When can you finally be your own boss? Focus on these 3 easy steps and you will start to build your internet marketing success.


The more your prospects see you the more they will be familiar with you.

So, get as much exposure as you can. You can make a mark by article marketing, social networking, forum and etc. Don’t just limit yourself with the online channels. You can advertise offline in the entrepreneurship magazine too (if you have the money that is).

Now, imagine that your prospects see your name whenever they do a search about building successful online business. What will they think then?

They will think that you can be some sort of an expert and if they want to know more about being successful online, they better visit you.


Once your prospects are getting familiar with you, it is time to build your reputation online. Your responsibility in this step is to let the world knows how good you are.

Building your reputation is easy. Just make sure the products you carry are in good quality, worth your prospects’ money and fulfill their need.

Let’s think about this, if you bought a classic DVD online and it failed to play on your player. Will you buy from the merchant again? Maybe you will give him a second chance but hardly the third time. You deserve far better treatment than that.

Besides, your prospects will recommend your service to others hence boosting your reputation in the internet marketing industry.


It is nice that you finally closed some sales for your online business. But you are not making money with internet marketing if your revenue is $1000 and you spend $1500 for marketing.

Wise internet marketers always track how much they spend on their business to secure maximum profitability. Try to refine your skills in PPC so that you can get higher rank with lower cost.

AlsoHealth Fitness Articles, you need to find ways to look for ways to reduce your cost. Is it possible that you ask the autoresponders service provider for a 20% discount and you will continue to subscribe their service for 2 more years?

This is your business. It is up to you to maximize your profit.

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