The Sacred Tattoos Of Thailand

The Sacred Tattoos Of Thailand

In Thailand, everything is connected to Buddhist culture, including their traditional tattoo, Sak Yant.

Sak Yant given by monks or masters are believed to bestow mystical powers, passing down till today, it has become a combination of Buddhism and art. Modern Sak Yant improved by senior monks are said to offer benefits such as good fortune, power or charisma.

We followed A Long, an amulet dealer from Guangzhou, to visit some Sak Yant masters, and then went to the annual Wai Khru ceremony which turned out to be even wilder than any metal music festival. The tattoo wearers, so-called the disciples would come to the ceremony once a year to pay tribute to their masters, some of them got possessed by deities and went on a rampage, it was really a hardcore scene to see.

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