Valuable Tips For Making Youtube Videos

You Tube – The best Online Marketing Platform?

This may well be a debatable claim as there are many different platforms and methods of marketing your business, however I believe there is no better way to connect with your customers and potential customers alike. Videos allow you to connect with people on a personal level, you can really put your personality into a video and this is what will help you build the trust between you and the potential customers.

People buy from businesses and other people who they trust and connect with, have you ever noticed yourself buying something from a particular business that you could probably buy somewhere else for much cheaper? The reason behind this is most likely because you like and trust the business you are buying from.

You tube is the most popular online destination for video creation and sharing and it is an absolutely fantastic marketing tool. Using the power in conjunction with other social media outlets to show your business off to the rest of the world has many benefits, so let’s take a look at some tips that will help you get the most out of every video you create and develop an amazing relationship with your audience.

1. Choose an optimum Youtube user name and channel title – This should not be too long, instead make it short and memorable. Represent your business and your products if you can, you may even want to do your research to determine the best choice to improve SEO (search engine optimization)

2. Keep videos Relevant – Know the message that you are looking to get across and DO NOT waffle! Too much waffling and you will lose your audience in a heartbeat, people just don’t have the time and attention span for pointless video waffle

3. Keep it short – with that said, you will want to keep your videos pretty short, ideally 3-5 minutes in length is optimum. People just don’t want to sit and watch a video that will drag them through the periods of time and space, you come out with some information that they could well have picked up in a much shorter video or on some blog post. Would you rather spend 20 minutes getting the relevant information or 5 minutes? I know what I prefer

4. Plan your greeting and sign off – You will want to start every video with a greeting and end it with a sign off, this way you can effectively brand your videos, giving business names, your name and maybe a tag line too. You can also encourage people to subscribe at the end of the video too, which is a great way to build your audience, the more people watching your videos, the more likely they are going to share it with friends

5. Edit your videos – Depending on your ability to work video editing, you may have to use a freelance editor to do this, you can find plenty of people on who can do this for you. In any case, it is a great idea to watermark your videos with your own brand name and make it unique. Also consider a short branded clip at the start and end of the video, something that conveys your business logo, name and what you are about in a very short intro clip.So there you are, a short and sharp one today, just like your videos should be!Give these tips a try, sometimes the smallest tweaks to your marketing processesHealth Fitness Articles, can also reap the biggest rewards.

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